Gold Fever

Gold fever for LonVitalite
LonVitalite’s 24K Active Golden Yulan Oil Facial mask and 24K Active Gold Eye Mask are creating a ‘buzz’ in the world of Facial Cloth Masks.

With active ingredients including ultrafine micro gold foil, which has been treated by multiple biochemical processes, this range creates a tingling sensation as it is applied.

The Facial Mask offers pure whitening essence milk and, with regular application the benefits may include enhanced mircro-circulation in the skin, promotion of skin regeneration, improved oxidation resistance, delivery of moisture and nutrients and may help deliver a smooth and more even skin tone.

The Eye Mask covers all around the eye area up to the brow and may assist with relieving swelling and signs of fatigue such as dark circles, puffiness or sagging skin.

Like the remainder of the LonVitalite range, these benefits are delivered via a serum-infused cloth mask which is sealed to the skin with the serum. Masks are left on for 15 to 20 minutes and then the skin is rinsed with fresh water.

Suitable for both men and women, LonVitalite recommends first trying a test patch to check your skin is not sensitive to this product.
Both masks are available in packs of five and also are included in some of LonVitalite’s gift packs along with a selection of other products.Gold fever for LonVitalite

Photo: Lonvitalite’s 24K Gold facial masks & eye masks contain ultrafine micro gold foil which enhances circulation in the skin, skin regeneration, and delivery of moisture and nutrients to skin cells to give you smooth radiant skin! Find out more about our 24k range:


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