Winter skincare tips to fight dry skin

Winter skincare tips to fight dry skin

Winter skincare tips to fight dry skin

Cold weather, indoor heaters, steamy showers and layers of clothing can suck the life out of your skin in winter! Circulation also slows down which can give you a dull complexion and make you lose your glow. We’ve put together some tips to help you get your summer glow back!


Enhance your complexion
Circulation tends to slow down in winter, your summer glow begins to fade and fine lines start to look more pronounced. Drink plenty of H2o and up your intake of omega 3 to boost your hydration.
Lonvitalite 24k gold face masks contain ultrafine micro gold foil which enhances circulation in the skin, skin regeneration, and delivery of moisture and nutrients to skin cells which will help in giving you back your glow!

Get rid of dry cracked skin!
Too many hot showers and not enough attention to your skin can leave it feeling very scaly in the cooler months. Arms and legs have fewer oil glands so they tend to be drier than other parts of your body. Make sure you are exfoliating regularly to get rid of any dead skin cells and applying moisturiser to your skin after showers. For a home-made beauty tip – try adding 2 cups of skim milk to a warm bath and soak for about 15 minutes. Milk has natural fats and lactic acid which softens skin and keeps irritation at bay.

Keep hands soft and silky
As your hands are always exposed to the dry and cold weather, keeping them hydrated is important! Continually washing hands can have a drying effect on your skin so look for a moisturising hand soap for using at home. Sometimes hand moisturiser is just not enough to hydrate your hands as it wears off quickly. Try a Lonvitalite hand treatment once a week to keep your skin feeling soft and silky. There are two hand masks in our hand range, both are highly nourishing and provide an intense moisture treatment that penetrates into the skin layers. 


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