How to DIY Skincare, like a Pro

How to DIY Skincare, like a Pro

3 easy ways to get that salon-glow, for less.

You’ve made an appointment to have a well-deserved facial; a treat to yourself. Lovely. But just before you head off to your appointment, your boss calls you in for (another) urgent meeting to discuss an issue, you’re almost certain you went through with him that morning. You are left with a severe case of frustration, and handed a 50% appointment cancellation fee for your trouble.

There are times when a good spa session is just what the doctor ordered, but when you don’t have the time or space (or funds) for indulging in a couple of hours ‘you-time’, then why not ditch the appointment stress and treat your skin to a bit of everyday luxury, on your terms?

Whether it’s time or dollars you’re trying to save, there are a number of ways you can help your skin glow more economically, without compromising on that salon-like glow. Investing in good quality at-home beauty tools means that you can choose the time, duration and location of your treatment, and the best part is: you can indulge your skin, mind and body as often as you like. 

Here’s how you can use our coveted at-home beauty tools and skin care accessories to enjoy nurturing skin treatments at home, or on-the go:

Microneedling Derma Roller: At just $59.95, our Microneedling Derma Roller not only helps improve your natural glow by encouraging collagen production and smoothing fine lines, it also helps serums absorb into your skin up to 40% more effectively, delivering them deeper into the skin (where they are most beneficial). This makes the money you’ve already spent on your beauty products go further, and helps enhance the results of derma rolling. 

Derma rolling is an easy way to give your skin a pick-me-up; so easy, you can incorporate it into your skin care kit for daily use. Using an at-home derma roller, means that you can treat your skin to a professional-style facial all year round and you don’t have to compromise on quality. Ide

You can derma roll your skin as part of your daily face-care routine, or you can do it while watching your favourite TV show. The beauty of using an at-home device is that you can use it however and whenever you like. 

Eye masks: At just $49.95 for a 6-pack of our 24K Gold and Collagen Eye Masks, treating yourself to a 20-minute eye mask session once a week (or once a fortnight) is much more manageable than a trip to the salon at the same frequency. A quick skin treat, no matter how small, is sometimes all you need to improve your wellbeing. If you don’t have time for much else, then eye masks can give you a feeling of refreshment, and the benefit of some deeply healing and rejuvenating ingredients.

Our eye masks are the ultimate at-home pick-me-up for the time-poor. There are few things this small that can revitalize your body, mind and spirit, so much. The nurturing feeling you get from placing something cooling on the eyes, seems to cue a more Zen state-of-mind.

Facial Massage: Whether you have just a few minutes or can spare an entire hour, spending some time in the evening to massage your serums and elixirs into your skin can feel like a luxury in itself, and it’s something that most of us can manage to fit in to our schedule at least one night per week.  

Perhaps you could start with a simple technique, like beginning with clean skin, applying a small amount of your favourite serum or face oil, then gently but firmly massaging your face in an upwards and outwards motion. When you’ve mastered the simple techniques, perhaps graduate to a massage focusing on the acupressure points in the face. With a little bit of research, you can give yourself a facial massage focused on your acupressure points to help relieve the tension of the day.

Not only does massage help stimulate blood flow, it can also help your products to absorb more readily into the deeper layers of the skin, and the cost is: free. 

If you want to save yourself even more time and indulge in a professional-style facial massage at home, our Platinum Contour Face Roller can do all the hard work for you and help promote positive blood flow to improve your skin’s natural glow. Sit down with a cup of tea and apply the Contour Face Roller around your face, to enhance the skin’s appearance while relieving facial tension; a soothing and calming way to unwind after a busy day.

Microneedling Derma Rolling Face & Body Kit: Owning your own derma rolling kit gives you the ability to treat both the face and body, and can either replace or enhance your spa visits to help maintain regularity in your skin care. With an initial investment of $149.95, our Microneedling Derma Rolling Face & Body Kit features 4 different attachments, each one designed to treat specific parts of the body.  To help achieve improved skin brightness and glow, consistency is key. Owning your own kit allows you to use microneedling at such a frequency, that you can start to see the results and benefits.

Derma rolling the face and body can help encourage the breaking down of scar tissue, boost skin firmness, help fade stretch marks and rejuvenate the surface of the skin. Derma- rolling at home, is an economical way to give yourself a regular full body treatment.

If the recent COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how capable we are of doing things for ourselves. With our busy modern lives, we needn’t lose the opportunity to take proper care of our largest organ, the skin.

There are many ways you can add self-care to your day without breaking the bank. Investing in good quality home beauty tools, not only saves money and helps your products go further, but means that you can incorporate these wonderful treatments into your beauty routine on a regular basis, making them far more effective. The best part is, no appointment necessary.