Confessions of a First-time Derma Roller

Confessions of a First-time Derma Roller

Pinpointing the fear behind using this revered beauty treatment

For most people I’d say the word ‘needle’ doesn’t scream, relaxation. More likely it brings up memories of mild pain and a slightly uncomfortable experience. Which is why when someone suggested I try skin needling – I was a less than willing participant. 

My curious mind, however, deduced that so many derma-rolling enthusiasts can’t possibly be wrong. Derma rolling is a widely used treatment, both at home and in salons. It surely mustn’t be like what I’m imagining (which is needles being stuck into my face).  Secondly, this whole micro-needling business seems to be here to stay, and more than just a passing fad. In fact, a lot of people swear by it for a myriad of reasons. Microneedling has been hailed as an effective way to rejuvenate the skin, smooth fine lines, reduce pigmentation and promote glowing skin (sign me up for that stuff).

As someone with sensitive skin, and a self-confessed nervous Nelly - I feared I may be flirting with danger.  After chickening-out of trying this treatment a number of times, I finally bit the bullet. I just went and did it, and here’s what I discovered:

It didn’t hurt - My first apprehension was alleviated when I discovered that the Lonvitalite Derma Roller, was made with medical-grade titanium needles at 0.3m. I watched a few videos on how to apply the treatment, and then off I went. Seeing as it was my first use of the roller, there was no sanitising necessary, but like I said I’m a nervous-Nell so I sanitised anyway. Following the instructions from the videos and the product box itself, I began gently rolling the tiny needles along my face in an up-and-down, then diagonal direction, (5-10 times on each section) with a gentle pressure – and guess what…it didn’t hurt. After the treatment I could feel a slight hum on the surface of my skin where the roller had been applied and there was a little redness, but nothing of concern. I then (as the instructions suggested) applied my favourite serum. One of the associated benefits of micro needling: a deeper absorption of your beauty products - and with the price of those babies, I’m very pleased about that.

It was quick and easy - Being a busy, modern person like so many of us are, I thought: how am I possibly going to find time to give myself a facial? But that’s where I was wrong. Sure, you can fire up some candles and put on soundtrack if you do have the time, but I have to say, it was a pretty quick and effortless application. I had a shower, put on the PJ’s, dried my face and started rolling! No ceremony required. I’d say I took a little longer than most being a first-timer, but I don’t think it would have taken me more than 3-5 minutes in total. Derma rolling is something I could easily fit into my basic (and I mean basic) skin care routine to give me a bit of extra glow during the day.

It works – It would be ridiculous of me to claim that I woke up the next morning and had brand new skin, that wasn’t the case. But seeing as I had such a (surprisingly) pleasant experience with the derma roller, I began to use it every few nights. The results that really stood out to me after a few uses was the overall skin-glow factor, and the smoothing of fine lines. These results were no doubt in-part due to the fact that my products were now being absorbed deeper into my skin, but skin needling first and foremost promotes collagen production and prevents trans-epidermal water loss. I felt my skin seemed brighter overall. Derma rolling has also been known to work well for pigmentation, sun damage and scarring.

All-in-all, derma rolling was not what I thought. In fact, I feel a little silly at how nervous I was to try it. Will I incorporate it into my skin care routine from now on? Absolutely. It felt like that extra bit of skin-love I needed, without the effort I imagined. Five stars, highly recommend.