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The Lonvitalite PRO LED Wand: a revolutionary dual-action skincare masterpiece that harnesses the power of both red and blue LED light therapy to unveil your skin's most radiant and healthy complexion. This cutting-edge device is your at-home solution to achieving professional-grade skincare results, blending innovation with the simplicity of design for an unparalleled skincare experience.



- Red Light Therapy: Dive deep into the layers of your skin with the healing prowess of red LED light. Known for its ability to stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation, and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, red light therapy is your key to unlocking a firmer, smoother, and more youthful complexion. It's like giving your skin a rejuvenating drink, quenching its thirst for vitality and elasticity.

- Blue Light Therapy: Combat acne and prevent future breakouts with the antibacterial and soothing properties of blue LED light. Targeting acne-causing bacteria, blue light therapy works to purify your skin, reducing blemishes and preventing new ones from forming. It's your secret weapon for maintaining clear, calm, and flawless skin.

One Wand

The Lonvitalite PRO LED Wand is as multifunctional as you are. Switch between the red light therapy wand and the blue light therapy wand, while enjoying the benefits of microcurrent technology, soothing, warmth and comforting vibrations, actively helping to improve the signs of ageing, and promote a healthy, glowing complexion.

5 Technologies / One Wand

Dual LED light: Switch between the red and blue light providing 2-in-1 LED light therapy

  • Red LED – Helps to tighten and brighten your skin. Red LED light also works to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promote collagen production. The red light facial wand runs in a 630nm Wavelength.
  • Blue LED – Works on a cellular level to kill acne-causing bacteria, while reducing puffiness and dark circles. The blue light facial wand runs in a 465nm Wavelength.

Warming function: The warming of the wand head, helps to increase the absorption of skin care products, reduce redness, and support healthy, glowing skin.

Microcurrent: The wand’s microcurrent provides a workout for your facial muscles while stimulating deeper layers of the skin. This can help promote collagen production for smoother, more toned skin.

Massage: A gentle massage action, helps to reduce facial puffiness and drain toxins from your lymphatic system, aiming to boost the skin’s natural radiance.


Features & Benefits:

- Tailored Skincare: With the ability to switch between red and blue light, or combine them, you can customize your treatment to suit your skin's specific needs, ensuring optimal results.

- Safe & Non-Invasive: This gentle yet effective therapy offers a safe alternative to harsh skincare treatments, with no downtime required.

- Easy to Use: Designed with simplicity in mind, the Lonvitalite PRO LED Wand is user-friendly, making professional skincare accessible at home.

- Efficient Treatments: Quick and convenient sessions fit effortlessly into your daily skincare routine, providing significant results with minimal effort.

- Versatile Application: Perfect for all skin types and concerns, this device is a universal tool in your pursuit of beauty and wellness.

Transform your skincare regime with the Lonvitalite PRO LED Wand, where innovative technology meets the art of skincare. Whether you're looking to revitalize aging skin, soothe and clear acne-prone areas, or simply indulge in a bit of daily luxury, this LED wand is your pathway to a radiant, healthier-looking complexion. Embrace the future of skincare and let your beauty shine with Lonvitalite.


Simply select your preferred setting, hold the wand and glide it across your face in an upwards and outwards motion, taking care to include your forehead, cheeks, under eyes, jaw, neck and upper lip.

The Lonvitalite Pro LED Light Facial Wand is a dual-purpose treatment, offering the benefits of interchangeable red and blue LED lights. Each LED Therapy Wand session is set to switch off automatically after each 5-minute treatment.

  • Forehead: Move outwards towards your hairline
  • Eyes: Start under your eyes and move outwards with slow, semi-circular motions
  • Cheek: Start at your smile lines and move upwards to your cheekbones
  • Jaw: Start at your chin and move up, across your jawline
  • Neck: Move up your neck to your jawline

Rotating head: The Pro LED Wand provides maximum facial coverage with its 90° rotating head, helping you to treat those hard-to-reach areas. This feature offers you the ultimate flexibility in adjusting the tool to suit your needs.

Cleaning: Spray water or sanitiser on a cloth and wipe down the head. This device is not waterproof, please keep clear and do not submerge it in water.

Warning: Please do not use it if you have skin sensitivities or allergies to metal or microcurrent therapy. This device is not waterproof, please do not submerge it in water.



Cleanse and dry your face to start on clean, hydrated skin.


Power on by pressing the ON/OFF switch for 3 seconds and selecting the desired LED light mode.


Glide the wand across your face in an upward and outward direction, slowly covering your forehead, cheeks, under eyes, jaw, neck and upper lip.


Apply the Lonvitalite Skinprove or your desired serum directly after to amplify your results.

Use the LED Therapy Wand for at least 5 minutes per LED setting and enjoy your new and rejuvenated skin.

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    Close-up of the LONVITALITE PRO LED Facial Wand with red and blue light options
    A woman treating her face with the LONVITALITE PRO LED Facial Wand using blue light therapy
    Instructional image showing how to use the LONVITALITE PRO LED Facial Wand for skin therapy
    LONVITALITE PRO LED Facial Wand resting on a marble countertop
    LONVITALITE PRO LED Facial Wand accessories displayed on a marble surface
    image showing how to use the LONVITALITE PRO LED Facial Wand for skin therapy



    Let there be light. Switch on your natural radiance with the powerful Lonvitalite PRO LED Wand.


    • 01 - All in one treatment

      Dual mode Red and Blue LED light therapy, therapeutic warmth, vibrating facial massage.

    • 02 - Enhance your beauty

      Enhance your beauty routine and amplify the results of your beauty products.

    • 03 - Signs of ageing

      Helps reverse the signs of ageing and promote a healthy, glowing complexion.


    • 01 - Select Your Light

      Select your preferred LED light setting, hold the wand and glide it across your face in an upwards and outwards motion.

    • 02 - Rotate For Coverage

      Rotate the head 90 degrees for full coverage, or leave it closed for hand to reach places like the upper lip.

    • 03 - For Best Results

      For best results, use the Pro LED wand 3 times per week, for a maximum of 5-10 minutes per session, using alternating LED light colours.






    Are red light therapy is safe?

    In general, LED light therapy is safe. The procedure is non-invasive.

    Here at Lonvitalité, we truly care about your safety and want to provide you with the best possible

    That said, it's always important to be careful when using any new product on your skin. If you have any concerns or skin conditions, we recommend talking to a dermatologist or other skin care professional before using the LED Light Therapy Wand.

    Please do not use it if you have skin sensitivities or allergies to metal or microcurrent therapy.

    Individuals should not use LED therapy wand if they take certain medications, such as isotretinoin (Accutane), for acne or use topical treatments that cause sensitivity to sunlight.

    When and how often should I use LED light therapy devices?

    The gentle and safe LED light is suitable for a range of skin types and can help to improve a variety of skin concerns, including wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin tone.

    The Lonvitalité LED Light Therapy Wand is safe for everyday use, either morning or night. We recommend using your LED Therapy Wand once in 24 hours, for 5-10 minutes per treatment.

    If you are new to using the Lonvitalite PRO facial wand, you may want to start with a shorter treatment time and gradually increase the length of each session as your skin becomes accustomed to the light.

    What result should I expect with the LED Therapy Wand?

    Everyone's skin is unique and so results vary when using theLED Light Therapy Wand. However, you should see a glow immediately after use and continue to see results over time. We suggest taking a selfie and tracking your progress. We'd love to see your results, tag us on Instagram using #lovelonvitalite

    Can your eyes be open for light therapy?

    Our LED light therapy facial wandcomes in a compact, handheld size. The LED light pulse in no way interferes with your eyes as the wand is to be held at a targeted area of your skin. Your eyes should remain open to ensure you are positioning your LED therapy wand as intended.

    How long does it take for LED light therapy to work?

    You may be wondering how long it will take to see results from using the Lonvitalité LED Light Therapy Wand. While everyone's skin is different and may react differently, your skin should have a more glowy look to it straight away and you can expect to see a noticeable difference after just a few weeks of use.

    The key to seeing optimal results is to use the wand regularly as part of your daily skincare routine, as directed.