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Platinum Contour Face Roller

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Discover the secret to radiant, rejuvenated skin with the Lonvitalite Platinum Contour Roller. This exquisite tool is your new ally in achieving a visibly sculpted, vibrant complexion. Its cool platinum touch is designed to delicately awaken your skin's natural glow. With each gentle roll, you're not just enhancing circulation - you're inviting an infusion of life into every pore, dramatically reducing puffiness and unveiling a firmer, more youthful you. The roller's unique ability to amplify the effectiveness of your favorite skincare products ensures that your beauty ritual is more potent than ever.


Effortlessly user-friendly, the Platinum Contour Roller is your go-to whether on bare skin or paired with your cherished moisturizer or serum, delivering spa-like facial outcomes right at home. It's your secret weapon against puffiness and inflammation, aiding in lymphatic drainage and easing facial tension for that sought-after rejuvenation. Now, you can indulge in a soothing facial massage anytime - while catching up on work, relaxing with your favorite series, or just taking a moment for yourself.

With just 10 minutes of gentle, upward strokes each day, this roller doesn’t just pamper your skin with a host of benefits; it offers a serene escape to melt away the day's stress. Say goodbye to the hassle of scheduling spa appointments and breathe new life into your skincare regimen with the invigorating Platinum Contour Roller.


Use the Platinum Contour Roller 10 minutes daily, either alone or prior to using one of our Derma Roller devices for increased microcirculation and for enhanced results. 

The device can be used in conjunction with any serum, oil or moisturizer, or over a freshly cleansed skin.

Face: Perform outward and upward strokes with your roller along the contours of your face. It can be used across the brow line, jaw line, cheek bones, under the eyes and across the lips.

Cleaning: Rinse with water and sanitise with the Lonvitalite Sanitiser Spray. Dry thoroughly.

Warning – Please do not use if you have any sensitivities or allergies to metals.

  • Enhanced Skin Appearance
  • Improved Skin Elasticity
  • Reduced Puffiness and Inflammation
  • Enhanced Absorption of Skincare Products
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Relaxation and Stress Relief
  • Contouring Effect
    Platinum Contour Face Roller
    Platinum Contour Face Roller
    Platinum Contour Face Roller
    Platinum Contour Face Roller
    Platinum Contour Face Roller