Skin Needling 101: All The Facts You Want To Know

Skin Needling 101: All The Facts You Want To Know

Skin Needling 101: All The Facts You Want To Know

 Joanna Fleming


Also known as micro-needling, dermarolling or collagen induction therapy – skin needling involves the process of (you guessed it) rolling tiny needles over your face. I know that sounds terrifying but it has amazing anti-ageing and rejuvenation benefits.

Skin needling works by very lightly puncturing the surface of the skin to send the skin into repair, encouraging collagen and elastin production. This also allows active topical ingredients to better penetrate the skin, giving you enhanced results from your skincare products.

You can expect a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and scarring, as well as an overall improvement in skin texture without the downtime of laser treatment or peels.

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Being careful not to be too heavy-handed, roll the tool in a back and forth motion (what we call ‘passes’) over small sections of skin at a time in a horizontal fashion. Repeat this process in a vertical pattern, then diagonally.

1. Cleanse the skin thoroughly and pat dry

2. Apply a correcting, hydrating or anti-ageing serum first for more sensitive skin

3. For more active delivery, follow the rolling technique by applying your serum

4. Follow with your preferred moisturiser

5. Clean your roller attachment with alcohol in the provided sterilising tray



Lonvitalite’s Microneedle Derma Roller Face & Body Kit comes with four separate removable titanium heads of varying needle sizes for both the face & body. So which attachment do you use for each area?


– Improves skin texture & tone while improving elasticity

– Can reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks & scarring

– Encourages cell renewal for more youthful skin

*not suitable for use on the face



– Can treat pigmentation, acne scarring & signs of ageing

– Skin needling can target congestion & enlarged pores

– Encourages collagen & elastin production



– Improves dehydration, dark circles & fine lines around the eyes

– Encourages plumper, fuller-looking lips

– Treats fine lines & loss of elasticity around the mouth



– Targets small problematic areas you want to focus on

– Ideal for treating scars or patches of pigmentation

– Uses a stamping motion instead of rolling



Is it painful?

Nope, not at all. You’ll experience a prickling sensation as your run the roller over your skin, but you are in control of how heavy-handed you are, so if you’re finding it uncomfortable, just be a little gentler. At-home needling tools should not make your skin bleed.

Which serums/creams should I use with it?

For beginners, I’d recommend starting with a hydrating serum like Skinceuticals H.A Intensifier, and as your skin adapts and becomes more tolerant of the needling process, you can introduce products like The Ordinary Buffet and Dermalogica Biolumin-C. For the body, I’d recommend using asap’s cellulite and skin firming treatment after needling.

How often should I do it?

You can use your skin needling tool daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly – whatever frequency your skin tolerates and responds to best. I’d recommend starting off at once a fortnight with a gentle hydrating serum to build up your skin’s tolerance before you start using it more frequently and with stronger actives.

Author : Joanna Fleming

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