Love your skin with Lonvitalite

Love your skin with Lonvitalite


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Hi Lady Code!

With the weekend right around the corner, we all do our best to look healthy and refreshed around this time of the week. My weekends sometimes consist of “spa night” with Stefania with Netflix marathons, and sometimes they are packed with late nights out in South Beach. Whether its before to make your skin look its best before the weekend festivities, or during for a relaxing weekend full of “me time”, or after to recover from the weekend craziness, it is essential to keep take care of your skin to make sure it looks its best.


Lonvitalie skin face mask review blog ladycode

I’ve been trying a lot of Australian brands lately, like Skinny Me Tea and Eco Tan. I feel like Australian brands are really dominating the market recently, thanks to their creativity and innovation. LonVitalite is an Australian brand that creates face, hand and eye masks. I came across LonVitalite on Instagram and decided to give their products a try.

Here is what I got:

-Red Wine Collagen Firming & Wrinkle Removing Face Mask

-Coconut Milk Hydrating & Nourishing Facial Mask

-Whitening Moisturising & Pigmentation Face Mask

-Collagen Protein & Wrinkle Mask

-Collagen Crystal Eye Mask

lonvitalite face mask review


After trying all of these masks, I can say that they are all AMAZING, but my absolute favorite mask is the Coconut Milk Hydrating and Nourishing Facial Mask. It is no wonder they won the award of Best New Face Mask of 2014 on Beauty Heaven.  If aging is not an issue for you, I recommend the C4 Coconut mask. It truly works wonders on the skin and gives it such a luminous glow that applying makeup would only make your skin look more dull!

Lonvitalite face mask review lady code blog lisa opie

My favorite LonVitalite mask: the Coconut Milk Hydrating and Nourishing Facial Mask!

I’ve been treating myself to a mask every night with LonVitalite. Over the past week, I have noticed my skin is brighter, more even, and is glowing. I would definitely recommend these products to a friend. In fact, I would purchase more masks in the future.

lonvitalite mask review lady code usa shipping beauty mask

If you are dying to try these products, make sure you follow @LonVitalite on Instagram. They will be doing a giveaway very soon in partnership with Vizcaya Swimwear, where you can enter to win products from LonVitalite AND a new Vizcaya Swimwear bikini!

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