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FEBRUARY 13, 2017


ATT LADIES: the face mask of all your dreams (and nightmares) is here! And you only need 20 mins.

(Ps. Mama’s it’s only 20 mins! You can do it! Don’t be scared. Plus you deserve it!)

Anyway, I’ve been dying to chat about Lonvitalite products since they landed in my life. Not only are they the quickest and funnest way to give your skin a boost but they’re also the scariest and a tad hilarious too.

Lonvitalite make a bunch of amazing products, but my fave. are the cloth face masks (which kind of make you look like a scary Jason axe murderer. I can’t lie.)

You unwrap them from the packaging, take out the super wet cloth mask, which so conveniently has eye, nose and mouth openings and place it over your face (and if you’re a mama, lemme tell you now it’s super easy to chuck it over your face with whatever energy you have left).

Then you let the scary face mask work it’s magic on you for 20 mins and wash it off. It’s so easy!

Whatever skin concern you have I’m sure Lonvitalite have it covered too. Like if you need a hit of hydration? I’d try the C4 Coconut Milk Hydrating & Nourishing Mask, which is so delish at the end of the day.

When you want to purify, reset (and maybe help get rid of a few breakouts)? I’d go the C6 Green Tea Antioxidant Facial Mask and if you’re a mama who hasn’t slept all night, I’d pop the C5 Coffee Anti-Fatigue on your face AND drink coffee at the same time first thing in the morning (holyshizballs trust me, this combo makes you feel brand new!)

Anyway, the ones mentioned above are obvs. the ones I tried (and can vouch more), but there are more which I didn’t. Like wrinkle removing and whitening/pigment taming ones (although I can’t wait to give them a whirl.)

Whatever your skin concern, each of the face mask come infused with delicious ingredients, antioxidants and more to target whatever it is you need.

And you know how sometimes you leave a face mask on for longer just to get the most out of it? With these you don’t have to because they’re already so rich and lush you’ll def. want to take it off at the 20 min mark (and so will your partner who’ll undoubtedly either be scared or had laughed at you the entire time).

My husband didn’t let my baby look at my face while I had it on because he was worried I would scare him (I on the other hand, thought I looked fabulous and naturally rocked a new one in front of my baby the next morning when he went to work…sucker.)

With each mask my skin felt lusher, brighter, more vibrant and like I could take on the world – especially the coffee one. Again, put it on AND drink coffee at the same time.


But Lonvitalite don’t only do face masks, they do under eye collagen masks and collagen lip masks too.

The eye masks aren’t anywhere near as scary or funny but they work just the same (ok, well maybe they were a little). They improve dark circles, fine lines and there’s even a 24K Gold one that evens out skin tone (plus comes infused with 24K Gold! Which will make you feel like Cleopatra).

There’s only one lip mask (but it comes infused with 24K Gold too) and you pop it helps replenish your lips with collagen leaving them full, luscious and feeling plump.

The eye masks were super easy to use. You pop them on and away you go. I’d buy these again and they totally made me feel like I’d slept for longer than I had.

The lip masks on the other hand I found quite tricky. Not sure if it was the shape of my lips but they just kept falling off. If I were to pick between the two I’d go the eye masks fo’ sure.

Anyhoo, I would highly recommend these to all ladies, of whatever skin type. Check out their website and I’m sure you’ll find something to love. Plus they’re cheap. A five pack is $39.00, which turns out to be roughly about $7.80 a mask! (I totally had to use a calculator for that).

Anyway, as you can tell I really loved the results and the scariness of them all!

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Tell me babez, do you think this mask looks scary or funny? Thoughts on sheet masks plz?!


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