Ignite your Winter Glow

Ignite your Winter Glow

Our top 3 derma-rolling tips to help blast you through the winter chill.

Bidding summer farewell, doesn’t necessarily mean saying goodbye to that carefree summer glow. Winter represents the chance to slow down, stay indoors and undertake nourishing activities. With the beach somewhat ruled-out, winter can be the perfect time to cultivate self-care rituals, particularly for our skin. Enter, at home skin needling.

As we all know, the cooler temperatures and dry air can be the arch enemy of our skin, so we’ve put together a list of 3 of our favourite derma rolling rituals, to rescue you from thirsty skin and help hold on to that dreamy, summer skin.

Regenerate – Full Body Derma Roll

Put your hand up if you did some sun-baking over summer? Maybe you forgot to apply your SPF once or twice? Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin treatment that yields impressive results. Tiny, medical-grade titanium needles, gently pierce the superficial layer of your skin, prompting your body’s natural healing response to produce more collagen. The result is plumper, firmer more even skin. Excellent for reducing fine lines, sun damage, pigmentation and scarring, at home derma rolling is a great way to repair the effects of summer on your skin, and ensure that your skin stays deeply nourished and hydrated.

Believe the hype, microneedling can be used over the entire body to reinvigorate, repair and regenerate your skin. Whether you’re curious about microneedling, or you’re already an at-home skin needling enthusiast, our Micro Derma Roller Kit is a one-stop-shop, created to indulge your entire body with this wonder-treatment. 

Replenish – Save me serum!

Layering in winter is not just for your clothes. Nor are basics. If we get the basics of our skincare right, it can really make a difference. If you normally use a moisturiser or oil, it’s prudent to first apply a serum, packed with hyaluronic acid and other nourishing ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is designed to retain moisture and boost collagen deep in the skin, helping to protect your skin from the drying elements of winter.

Made with said hyaluronic acid, our Skinprove Serum is lightweight, easily absorbed and works exceedingly well when used in conjunction with a Derma Roller, helping increase absorption by up to 40%. Hyaluronic acid is also known for preventing trans-epidermal water loss, effectively providing protection to your skin in winter. Why not layer your skin care to make the most of every step? Cleanse, apply serum and roll. Three easy steps to help comfort winter skin.

The lightweight nature of serums, mean they are able to penetrate the skin far deeper than a rich moisturising cream and can be calming to sensitive skin. Deep in the skin’s layers is where moisture replenishment is of most value, to repair damaged skin and enhance complexion and glow.

Repair – Handle with selfcare

The great part of winter is it gives us time to nourish ourselves. Choose a day, why not Self-care Sunday - a great way to start a ritual, and the perfect opportunity to put time aside each week to nourish yourself. Nourishing yourself is not only beneficial from a physical perspective - but also helps you re-centre yourself and relax your mind (also very important for our skin). Indulging in an at-home facial is an easy way to make your self-care more regular.

Ideal for your new self-care ritual, Our TGA-listed, medical-grade Derma Roller offers wonderful benefits to the skin and brings the magic of a professional salon glow to your very own home. Made with 540 titanium needles, make yourself a cosy cup of tea and indulge in an invigorating at-home facial.