Guest Blogger – LETSFACEIT.TV

Guest Blogger – LETSFACEIT.TV

22.04.2014  ///   THE MASK

It is imperative to have a daily and weekly routine to manage and preserve the largest organ on your body ~ your skin: However, it is even more imperative to do so coming into the winter months.

As the season changes, so should your approach to your skin care routine.

The colder months can wreak havoc on even the most stable of skins. Skin becomes irritated, deprived of moisture and PH levels can can be disturbingly abnormal due to all kinds of reasons. Harsh indoor/outdoor conditions, heaters, electric blankets and lack of H2o intake. This can cause all sorts of skin disorders, such as redness, breakouts, dehydration, flakiness and if maintained can cause premature ageing.

Normally at this stage it is hard for your daily moisturizer to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin and so this vicious cycle continues until the weather changes or your approach to your skin care routine changes.

Lonvitalte have produced a range of professional facial treatmemt cloth masks that will leave your skin glowing, hydrated, supple and penetrate the deeper layers of your skin that will change that the appearance of your upper layers.

I have been a longtime avid fan of the benefits of coconut oil and it’s highly documented and known health benefits and Lonvitalite have managed to capture the crucial benefits of coconut oil and milk in their award winning C4 Coconut Milk Hydrating and Nourishing Face Mask. I absolutely loved the results of this masks and was left with compliments so clearly this particular masks agreed with my skin type.

The C4 Coconut Milk Mask penetrates into the deep underling layers of the skin to strengthen and moisturize. This facial mask reduces the appearance of fine lines through utilising the benefits of coconut oil and milk to keep the connective tissue strong and supple. This particular masks also assists with acne, relieves the natural P.H balance of the skin and ofcourse that results in preventing dryness, redness, flaking, sagging of the skin, age spots and application of makeup becomes effortless and smooth.

The C4 can be used on it’s own as a once off but naturally the results are enhanced when used once to twice per week.

Tip #1 Shower and cleanse your skin before application. By cleansing your skin your are naturally creating an enhanced pathway for the C4 ingredients to penetrate the skin. The luke warm water and steam of the shower will assist in opening your pores and will also enhance deeper penetration of the ingredients.

Tip #2 The sealed sachet containing the cloth mask will have excess lotion, peel the sachet completely open and make use of the lotion by applying onto your neck and décolletage.

Tip #3 Use this mask the morning of the day you’re heading out to an outdoor daytime event to give you that extra glow. Makeup glides and sits impeccably on hydrated and supple skin.

Kasia Z for LETS FACE IT.

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