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Hello lovely!

After posting a photo on instagram of my intended relaxed weekend last week, @lonvitalite contacted me to ask if I would like to try out their facial cloth masks – no question about it!

I recieved the products on a Friday afternoon which was perfect timing!


LonVitalité are a company based in QLD Australia that have been established since 2009. LonVitalité products are formulated in Germany and whether you’re looking for hydration, need some help refirming your skin or boosting your complexion, they have a product to suit you!

I was given the oppurtunity to try 8 facial, eye and hand masks; totally spoilt! If you haven’t used cloth masks before, you must – it feels beyond amazing. The cloths are absolutely soaked with concentrated serum which revitalises your skin with moisture and the extra ingredients in that formulation which when applied for a period of time, is much more beneficial than just applying the serum itself.


I started with the 24k Active Gold Yulan Oil Face Mask after cleansing and scrubbing my face and left on for twenty minutes. Once I had taken the above photo, I flicked the eye patches up and covered my eyes. Once I removed it (begrudgingly!) I rinsed the remaining serum off and applied my night cream. Usually you are able to massage the remaining serum into your skin but this was directed to gently rinse. I woke up the next morning glowing and felt no need to apply makeup and cover this glow!

Here a little blurb on the Oil Mask borrowed by the LonVitalité website.

LonVitalité 24K face masks provide immediate intense cooling and soothing relief.
They are highly moisturising and nourishing; smoothing out wrinkles, and hydrating the skin.
The extremely active ingredients promote micro circulation in the face as well as skin regeneration.
Removes lines and supplies water and nutrients for the skin cells leaving the skin more evenly pigmented and soft.
Can relieve symptoms of allergies such as puffy eyes, inflammation and irritation.

The next evening, I applied a second mask (C4 Coconut Milk Hydrating & Nourishing Face Mask) and afterwards after I had removed and moisturised, a male friend who called in said to me during conversation “your skin looks beautiful”. Is there a kinder thing to say?

I cannot rave more highly about LonVitalité and owner Rochelle who has been a joy to communicate with. Certainly an added step to your weekly skincare routine!

I have a few more masks to try out in the coming weeks and stay tuned for an LonVitalité Eye Mask review.

Have you tried LonVitalité or a cloth mask before?

Have a great weekend!


Thank you for the wonderful review Emily
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