Beauty: It’s Turkish Delight – a shower smoothie by Lush. A heady, moisturising and cleansing paste with the scent of rose and jasmine, it is a ‘delight’ to rub into the skin (it melts in almost immediately) before lathering into suds with and rinsing off. Very nourishing for my dry skin and frangranced enough to make Mr Ruby Slipper ask ‘ooh, what’s that lovely smell?’.


Beauty: Sometimes you don’t want to think. You just want to float. At times like this, find yourself a bath, pop a bathbomb in (this one is a beauty by Lush), smell the good smells, hear the good fizzes and slide into the heat. Maybe put on a facemask too (in for a penny, in for a pound). I’ve been using some rather fancy facemasks from Lonvitalite of late, which come as a material mask enriched with fancy skin treats. A 24-K Active Gold Yulan Oil Facial Mask, if you please. I won’t lie – when I have it on I look scary, like a soap-ey Hannibal Lecter. Fright factor aside, these babies are THE BOMB. I pop them in the freezer to cool quickly, them apply them to my face for maximum tingle. And tingle they do, for a full 15-20 minutes. Being a worry-wart, I was concerned that the tingle would be a sign of the mask’s active ingredients making my face fall off. It didn’t of course – rather, it revealed luminous, super-plump and fresh skin with a very smooth surface. I’m using these once a week – along with their collagen eye-masks which are refreshing before an event or if you’re a little tired in the morning.

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