When I found out Lonvitalite were a Gold Coast based company, I immediately had a soft spot for them. I absolutely love supporting local companies (I’m from Brisbane just over an hour from the Gold Coast)


If you have never heard of Lonvitalite, they are a skincare company which specialise in Facial Cloth Masks (brilliant ones at that).  

After receiving one of their masks in a beauty box and having loved it, I decided to visit their website and purchase more. I decided on an Ultimate pack which includes one of each of the products in their range.

The pack included – 24K, C1, C2, C3, C4, they eye c8, 24k hand and the C10. (see picture)

As mentioned, Lonvitalite are a Gold Coast based company that were established in 2009. I have to say they definitely seem to have mastered the ingredients side of face masks given they are a specially formulated blend sourced in Germany. Not to mention, the packaging is impeccable!

The 24K mask was the first mask I tried and its also my favourite. This one is extremely hydrating and they say its great for skin that has been over exposed to the sun (great for the end of Summer, right?). Pop one of these on after removing your makeup and cleansing your face for an intense re hydration of your skin. This mask contains pure whitening essence milk, vitamin B3, mulberry extract and grape leaf extract.

When you first tear open the packet, you immediately get a feel for how much products are in this mask. They are soaking with all this moisturizing serum goodness. You then remove the cloth mask from the packet and unfold until it males the shape of a face (well a kind of face), place it on your face using the stencil cut out sections for your eyes, nose and mouth and smooth it on to your face. At this point you will have a lot of the product on your hands, I simply massage the excess product in to my hands, neck and chest because hey, whats good for my face, is good for the rest of my body too, right? Right! 

After you have done this, sit back, relax/ get on with your chores (I personally like to relax when I’m using a face mask as I see it as a form of self-pampering). It says to leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes but most of the time I get lost in a magazine and end up leaving it on for way longer. It’s just more time for all the nutritional goodness to soak into my skin. 

Once I take the mask off and dispose of it, rather than washing my face with water like I would after any other mask, I massage the excess product into my face like a serum and let it sit for a few more minutes. I then carry out my night time skin care routine as per normal. Whilst you may not look the best whilst wearing the Lonvitalite cloth mask (I dare you to dry and take a pretty selfie whilst wearing one lol – see my attempt below), it will definitely make your skin softer, subtle and brighter. I definitely woke up in the morning with the most soft skin I had ever had. 

I have tried the other masks in their line but this one is definitely my favourite as it suits my skin the most and I get the most benefit out of it. The rest of the masks are still all quite refreshing and have a number of different ingredients for different purposes. Check out the other masks on their website now to see which one is best suited to you!

If you have used these masks, let me know in the comments below what you thought of them.

Keep smiling

Tahana x

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