Benefits of facial cloth masks

Benefits of facial cloth masks

 Benefits of facial cloth masks


While traditional clay masks and mud masks have been on the beauty scene forever, cloth masks are now making their mark on the beauty world. With less mess, less time, convenience and improved effects, they truly are the best facial mask treatments available. 


The sheet itself is made of soft fabric that is pre-soaked in a concentrated serum containing a range of skin benefiting ingredients like vitamins and collagen. Unlike creams and lotions that only sit on the surface of the skin, the cloth facial mask allows the serum to be absorbed into the skin without any evaporation of product. The sheet mask is designed to blanket your entire face and ensure your skin absorbs as much of the serum goodness as it can.


Facial cloth masks are already a beauty staple in Asia, and are fast becoming the next big thing in Australia too. They’re a great option for those who have little time for pampering, with the convenient design that fits straight on your face, it allows you to continue your daily routine while pampering at the same time! 


The convenient individual foil wrap packaging makes the masks a great product for using whilst travelling. As they aren’t classified as liquid you can carry it on board flights and use it on a long haul flight to arrive feeling hydrated and looking fresh at your destination.


Lonvitalite have a range of facial cloth masks that suit every skin type and age. From hydrating and moisturising to whitening and wrinkle removing you’ll find a mask to suit your needs.  




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