Beauty Review

By Beauty Blogger, Angel Jade

A great facemask can do wonders for you skin during the long cold winter. For an instant pick me up we have been religiously using longvitalite facial and eye masks. These no mess masks are quick and easy to put on, and in under 30 minutes will unveil soft, supple, hydrated skin with a glow, which we’ve started labeling the “Longvitalite glow!” What more could your skin want? After unwrapping the face mask it instantly ignites the senses, the smell is so fresh and subtle, I apply the mask in one swift lay and then I am instantly transported to a place of deep relaxation and utter bliss.

If you want a warm mask heat the pack with some warm water, or a cooling mask refrigerate, simple as that! In our current season I warmed my mask. In particular we are addicted to the coconut milk hydrating and nourishing facial mask. It works by penetrating deep into layers of the skin to strengthen underlying tissue, along with restoring and reviving dry and flaking, sagging skin and ever those pesky age spots. Not to mention the benefits coconut oil has in the treatment of acne and pigmentation.

If you want the true royal treatment we suggest treating yourself to the 24K gold facemask. Yes that’s correct 24-K Active golden yulan oil facial mask! This gem contains pure whitening essence milk and ultrafine micro gold foil. This high performing mask enhances microcirculation of the skin promoting skin regeneration, improved oxidation resistance, moisture and a smooth more even skin tone. Why not add the collagen crystal eye mask to your at-home facial, the perfect compliment to any Longvitalite facial mask.

These ergonomically designed pads fit perfectly under your eyes targeting dark circles and fine lines with high-density 100% plant based collagen, leaving you with evenly toned luminous skin to the most delicate area on your face. Being a beauty blogger I always make time for DIY facials and it can often be challenging finding the right products that are user friendly and actually work. I can honestly say that LonVitalite is here to stay in my beauty regime, I only wish I had discovered them sooner.

Now please excuse me while I start winding back the age clock with my LonVitalite Facial and eye masks.

About the author

AngelAngel Jade is a Registered Nurse working at a leading Sydney hospital. She is passionate about cosmetic and non-surgical beauty, and believes that everyone is beautiful, they just need to know it! It is her aim to help spread beauty around the world.



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