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Review: Lon Vitalite C8 Collagen Crystal Eye Mask

If you’ve had a big night out or need a quick fix because of a bad case of puffy eyes, you need to check out these masks. I naturally have dark purple circles under my eyes and one of the claims of these masks is that they will “eliminate dark circles” so I was really interested to see if it lived up to the claims.

Each product application contains two eye collagen pads that you place underneath your eyes, each pad measures roughly 6 centimetres long and they are super easy to apply….really convenient for the woman on the go.

I left the eye patches on for about ten minutes you can leave them on longer, the instructions are on the packaging. 

After I removed the patches and washed away the residual moisturizer, I did notice a considerable reduction in the purple pigmentation in my dark circles. It should be noted that these masks contain hyaluronic acid which is used to replace moisture in the skin so it can temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Fast, convenient and affective; it’s definitely worth checking out these amazing eye masks.

You can purchase these masks from the Lon Vitalite website, they come in a pack of six for $28. See

Brogan. (Miss Mancells Makeup)