I was recently gifted this packet of Lonvitalite Facial Masks. Having never tried anything from the Lonvitalite range I couldn’t wait to see what they would be like.

The C4 Coconut Milk Masks come in a pack of five with each individually being sealed in a foil pouch to keep them very moist and protected.


The masks have the most fantastic benefits being designed to penetrate the skins layers to strengthen whats beneath. The ingredient of coconut oil helps to prevent dryness, skin flaking, skin sagging and age spots which, funnily enough, targets all my current skin care concerns.

Now I did take a photo of myself wearing this mask but quickly got rid of it. If it scared me I can only imagine what it would do to you!

Below is what the mask looks like when it gets unfolded from the packaging pouch. Sorry that’s kinda scary too. :-0


It is so moist when first brought out from the packaging. The product absorbed by the mask has a slight slimy texture to it and it is fragrance free. Don’t be put off by the slimy texture of this mask. Once I sit down and relax to allow this mask do its magic for 20 minutes I find it ultra soothing and calming. It feels like my face is bathing in goodness.

I use this mask straight after a shower and I apply no products before its use. After having it on for 20 minutes I then remove it and rinse my face with cool water. My face feels as smooth as a babies bum and looks so glowing. It’s like this mask injects pure goodness and vitality into my skin giving it instant youthfulness. I am utterly impressed by the fact that I don’t need to apply moisturisers to my skin after its use. It is that hydrating and moisturising that it keeps my skin happy for the rest of the night.

With continued use of this product I can already predict a huge turn around in the appearance of my skin. It is not just the quality I love about them but the results they have to offer too. I have very dry to sensitive skin and I found them perfectly suited to my skin type. These Coconut Milk masks just won Beauty Heavens 2014 Glosscars for Best New Face Mask.

You can purchase the C4 Coconut Milk Masks now for $36 for a pack of five from Lonvitalite.

Have you ever tried a mask by Lonvitalite? What did you think?


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