10 Top Winter Beauty Essentials

10 Top Winter Beauty Essentials

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21 JUNE 2014

10 Top Winter Beauty Essential: FACE

The days are getting colder and shorter, it’s well and truly winter in Australia. I don’t know you but winter is definitely not my favourite season! Brrr… The change in weather can wreak havoc with our skin. Winter calls for special attention in the bathroom, so over the next week, I’ll share my best winter beauty essential! These products help me caring for my skin and hair, faking a healthy subtle glow to help brighten a grey day and more importantly my mood!
1. Invigorate dull skin during the winter months with Racinne Gentle Refining Scrub. Contains lemon grass and peach extract, together with ultra-fine exfoliating beads, this gentle yet powerful scrub contains natural antioxidant characteristics. RRP $24
2. Laying the foundation for a life-time of beautiful skin, the LUNA™ is the new skincare essential for a more radiant, youthful-looking complexion. Non abrasive, rounded silicone touch-points glide across the face for ultra-gentle cleansing that gives you healthier-looking skin The best thing about LUNA™: there is no need for replacement brush! RRP $249
3. With Conair Facial Sauna skin is given an extreme cleansing: gentle warm steam mist opens pores, draws out impurities & lets your skin breathe – you won’t need to go to your local salon any more and the facial sauna is also the perfect way to warm up this winter! RRP $24

4. Lonvitalite Firming & Wrinkle Removing Red Wine Face Mask improves skin lustre and promotes the regeneration of damaged cells. Collagen helps soften the epidermis to improve hydration. RRP $36

5. Sanctuary Spa Time Reversal Face Mask is an intensive treatment containing vitamin A,C & E helping to strengthen skin from within & visibly reduce wrinkles over time. Protective green tea & conditioning wheatgerm & soya oils leave skin feeling silky. RRP $19.95
6. Gently astringent this refreshing GAIA toner controls excess oil and balances pH levels while it tones, freshens and tightens pores – it is the perfect preparation for moisturiser. RRP $12.95


7. The nourishing Dr LeWinn’s Day Cream Moisturiser is enriched with Vitamin A to help promote skin cell renewal and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. RRP $69.95


8. An advanced and unique product, LaMav Ultra-Firm Eye Gel revives, rejuvenates, and lightens the delicate eye area. Because it’s formulated with Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C, regular use will help reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles so your eye contour looks smoother, firmer, and brighter. RRP $32.95
9. People for Plants Organic Vanilla & Cocoa Butter lip balm is 100% natural, 96% organic. Bourbon vanilla, pure, spicy and delicate is combined with cocoa butter known for its skin softening and anti-oxidants guarantees you smooth, soft lips. RRP $9.95
10. Burt’s Bees NEW 100% Natural Hydrating Lip Balm with Coconut & Pear AND 100% Natural Lip Shimmers in Grapefruit and Apricot will keep your lips healthy and shiny this winter! RRP $6.95 – $9.95
Finally for a flawless look this winter, slip silk pillow caseallows your skin to glide, whereas cotton scratches and tugs on delicate facial skin, resulting in premature stretching and sleep-crease. Did you know we spend a third of our lives in bed? By the time we are 60, we will have slept for an average of 20 years – definitely worth  the investment! RRP $69.95

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