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BAZAAR tests the newest needles on the market. APR 04, 2019 11:59AM BY CHRIS XI (5 IMAGES) Right now it's all about the derma roller. A variation on the popular in-clinic treatment, the derma roller is at the epicentre of the microneedling movement. It's no surprise given the benefits it boasts; skin healing, pore and wrinkle reduction and a promise to

Improve the texture and tone of your skin with these highly rated at-home derma rollers. Even in 2020, a mystique still surrounds the process of microneedling. Something about rolling hundreds of tiny needles over the face seems a bit drastic if you don’t know the benefits it can bring. When used correctly (and gently),

Facial sheet masks have been, and continue to be, the hottest beauty product to hit the skincare scene. They are a convenient and effective way to obtain an intense hydration boost in a short period of time. Be it on the go – think long haul travel, while attending to those weekend chores,

It’s the multi-tasking beauty treatment that can target everything from blemishes and dull skin to acne scarring, stretch marks and even hair loss – all without going under the knife. But what exactly is derma-rolling and how can you do it yourself at home? What is Derma-Rolling? Derma-Rolling or microneedling has been around since the mid-90s but it has gained serious

Your guide to at-home derma rollers Plus, our top product picks to get you started By Chelsea Tromans BEAUTY CREW CONTRIBUTING EDITOR / DECEMBER 03 2018 Derma rollers are an interesting - and yep, scary - beauty product. At a glance, the idea of pin-pricking your skin with tiny needles seems painful and confusing. How can that possibly do your skin

Skin Needling 101: All The Facts You Want To Know  Joanna Fleming 4 January 2019 9:15:06 AM AEDT   Also known as micro-needling, dermarolling or collagen induction therapy – skin needling involves the process of (you guessed it) rolling tiny needles over your face. I know that sounds terrifying but it has amazing anti-ageing and rejuvenation benefits. Skin needling works

Coconut Magic: Lonvitalite C4 Coconut Milk Mask   Happy Monday beauties! <3 I recently found another great coconut oil based product thanks to Angie from the Maquillage <3 She was raving about these coconut sheet masks made by a company from Queensland (Lonvitalite) and I couldn’t resist trying them out for myself as they sounded delicious amongst other things lol When