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Beauty Blogger Review – C1 Whitening & Pigmentation Mask



LonVitalite C1 Whitening,Pigment Toning & Moisturising Facial Mask Review

Hello beauties
Today I’m going to review C1 Fabric FACE MASK by LONVITALITE.I bought The Complete Face Pack from them to pamper myself at home. Every week I use homemade + store bought facial masks but this has to be my favourite product that I’m loving at the moment.
 I have slight pigmentation right on my nose along with sun damage underneath my left eye and its not really impressive at all.Although not many people can notice it but I know because its fairly visible to me.So I thought of giving C1 a go that is loaded with Vitamin C that is well known to brighten your skin tone and fade away any scars you might have on your face.
I have always used only cream/powder masks before and this is my cloth/fabric mask ever and NO its not messy like cream/mud mask.Each mask is well infused in serum full of essential vitamins and minerals to penetrate the skin and designed to reduce the appearance of pigment flaws including damaged caused by exposure to UVA and UVB by inhibiting the production of melanin.Application process is quite easy and has instructions well written along with pictures to help you how to use this mask.
When I pulled the mask out of its packaging it was fully covered in serum.I followed the instructions on the packaging and enjoyed my “ME TIME” in my own peaceful environment. I left it on for at least good 30 minutes (on the packaging it said 20 minutes) and by the time I took it off all the serum was completely soaked into my face and the mask was left dry.I than washed my face without making a mess and my face had this instant glow that I had experienced at my spa trips.My face looked well cleaned and brighter than usual.Since It was only one mask I think if I use it quite often say twice a week I would be able to see the results on my pigmentation and sun damaged spot.Overall, I think its a great mask to pamper yourself at an affordable price rather than making an appointment and driving down all the way to the spa.
A Quick Tip :- Don’t throw the packaging straight away as you can put the serum left behind in the fridge and use it at night time later on or put it on your neck while you enjoy the mask
Facials are great way of keeping your skin hydrated and glowing when you are a busy bee like me so don’t forget to pamper yourself and feed your skin the nutritions at the comfort of your own home.You can buy LONVITALITE masks here.Its an Australian based company who will also be shipping to USA,CANADA and UK so keep an eye on there website my overseas readers.The company also sells eye and hand masks that you might be interested to check out.
Cost For The Complete Face Pack:-$25 C1,C2,C3,C4,24K Gold
Have you used any mask from LonVitalite ?Which One? 
**This is not a sponsored post.All opinions are my own and 100% genuine.
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